About Artisan908
Artisan908 (a.k.a Sin) is a lyricist/producer from Scotch Plains, NJ. He works constantly to develop a truly unique sound for music lovers of all types. He started out just writing poetry at age 8. As he grew older, and his appreciation for music grew, the two became one. At 16 Sin began recording and continued to do so on and off for about 5 years. That is when he reconnected with local artist Trenton Chase and AudiGang. After a string of mixtapes released via soundcloud, Sin is now focused on improving his own personal production to create a one of a kind musical experience. Recent releases, including his Debut EP titled "State of Mind", have played a major role in my current total of over 21,000 Soundcloud plays. You can find Artisan908 on iTunes Google Play , Spotify , and Tidal . To keep up with new music fill out the contact form and join the community. You can receive anything from exclusive tracks, news updates, and special promotions. Listen to free releases on Soundcloud, and follow Artisan908 on all social media.